How to Block Unwanted Games Notifications in Facebook

Block unwanted facebook notifications

Earlier when the games like candy crush etc. were launched on facebook, people used to enjoy them but as the time has gone by these games are becoming uninteresting and the most annoying part is the notifications of these games on facebook. This game is a creative piece of work and is very interesting for many players across the globe but this post is for those users who have no interest in such games and feel annoyed by the notifications as many people are complaining by using funny posts and memes, etc. Whenever we log in to our profiles and see that there is a request to play candy crush or any other game; that is an annoying thing if we don’t have interest in any of those requests that are sent over and over again. To block unwanted game and apps request you can configure your facebook account. There are basically two methods to do this; you can use any one of them to get rid of these unwanted notifications.

Methods to Close the Notifications

Step 1 – First of all log in to your facebook account.

Step 2 – If you have received any game or app request that you don’t want to entertain just cick on it and click the symbol of the game or app to block it.


To Block the Games Completely –

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to your account.
  2. Click the Privacy Shortcuts option on the top setting options

Fb Unwanted requests


How to block unwanted requests in facebook

Click the see more settings option

  1. Click blocking operation after clicking see more settings

How to block unwanted requests in facebook

Here you can block the invites from any specific person who seems to request to with stuff you don’t want to play or use or you can block that app or game completely block event invitation request from someone etc.


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