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Beware Parents – Kids are becoming the victims of Cyberbullying on internet

Kids are becoming the victims of Cyberbullying on internet

In India, large amount of kids are becoming the victims of Cyber Bullying and the parents are not aware of this fact. An Internet Safety Software Development Company has issued a warning in its report about this act of bullying. What is Cyber Bullying? In Emails, Social networks and text messages through web telling someone to hurt him or trouble him, stalking someone online or posting illegal or doubtful content on someone’s wall or private message window; etc. The most amazing thing about the report was that the kids were also involved in troubling others. In the total number of participants in the survey 34 % of kids accepted that they have also created a negative environment in some way for other internet users. In India 52 % of the total students / kids who were asked accepted that they have been a victim of cyber crime in some manner and they had to deal the consequences. 18 % of kids accepted that they have experienced cyber bullying. The Software Company also surveyed the parents and it was concluded that 84 Percent of parents were not even aware of the fact that their kids have experienced the cyber bullying. It is highly recommended for the parents to keep an eye over the data that is accessed by their kids while using internet. Internet is very useful in doing homework and learning new things but it is also a place for questionable contents which must be monitored by the parents to avoid things like cyber bullying. If you know some ideas or you have some suggestions to avoid cyber bullying please share with our users and visitors, comment below. Your suggestions can be helpful for others also. Kids should be dealt carefully and parents must keep an eye on the internet activities of their childrenn.

(Reference – Hindustan, Hindi Newspaper, June – 16 -2014 ( Lucknow) )