Education of Present

I know that most of the students think that getting 90 plus percent in board examination and taking admission in a good reputed college will be enough for them to make
good money and enjoy their life,education today has changed its meaning,now days most of the student think of making money rather than gaining knowledge,getting into
the depth of their subject ,but we cannot criticize only the students in this matter , the society today is functioning like this only that is our teachers want us
to get full marks by any means whether we get it by cramming or by any option ,they just want us to score good so that their reputation in their respected
college increases.Our life has become a never ending race where we just want to come first.Our parents want us to be the best among all the others so that they
can tell their friends and relatives that my child has got the best grades in all the subjects.They want us to be secure which is good but aren’t we missing
something here?aren’t we missing our soul in all this?I mean if we are not able to enjoy our work then all the money and respect that we will earn is worthless and
unsatisfactory.Our teachers are always in a hurry to complete their syllabus irrespective of knowing whether the students are able to understand the concept or not.
Our parents ask us about our result but they never ask us about our passion because according to them we are “too young” to take our career decisions,i mean
its a great hypocrisy that at one moment we are mature and capable enough to concentrate on our life and the very second moment we are too young to take our life’s
decisions.When i was in 9th class one of my friend prakhar srivastava did suicide because of his parent’s pressure over education,he was a very good guitarist,i
hope that he rests in peace!
The question arises that why are we putting this much pressure on students over education?It was meant for the enhancement of the human mind by understanding the
concepts and not cramming them and maintaining a so called “respectful position”in the society !The reason for all this is that we are so obsessed with the society
we are living in that we are not able to even explore ourselves and show our hidden talents because we just don’t want to take any risk.This obsession with
society will stop only when we will change our priorities that is our priority should be gaining knowledge and the marks will come automatically,it should be exploring
our talents and choosing the career which makes us happy, it might happen that you fail sometimes but in the end you’ll succeed and then you may tell your critics that you were right and they were wrong.
Article By –
Harshit Srivastava,

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