How to recruit using free classifieds websites –

Free classified websites are an online interface where you can list your business/ services or post free ads of buy / sell / rent anything. Most of these websites have various categories to chose from before posting something, one of the category widely used by Human Resource Department of many companies is the Jobs / Recruitment section.

Free classified listings (under this category) are posted by mainly two types of account / user

1. Job Seeker / Employee

2. Employer / HR Executive / HR manager of a company.

Job Seekers post their resumes on these website so that Employers can browse them and short list them , on the other hand Employers can post about job vacancies and its various details so that job seekers can apply as per the qualification and experience required.

The resumes posted by eligible candidates are emailed to HR managers / Executives and they can call the aspirants and ask them to follow the selection procedure of the company.

This method can work effectively as the free classifieds advertisement websites are becoming popular now a days and are getting a huge amount of traffic from almost every area and age group. People looking for jobs don’t have to pay a penny to present their resumes to the visitors and hence they find these site useful and efficient , recruitment agencies charge some amount per candidate provided to any particular company , this free method can be used to cut the initial costs of the selection expenditure.

There are many websites which are created for the sole purpose of providing free recruitment solutions. If you want to give it a try simple search any classified listings websites like our website and place an advertisement of recruitment and check responses

Education of Present

I know that most of the students think that getting 90 plus percent in board examination and taking admission in a good reputed college will be enough for them to make
good money and enjoy their life,education today has changed its meaning,now days most of the student think of making money rather than gaining knowledge,getting into
the depth of their subject ,but we cannot criticize only the students in this matter , the society today is functioning like this only that is our teachers want us
to get full marks by any means whether we get it by cramming or by any option ,they just want us to score good so that their reputation in their respected
college increases.Our life has become a never ending race where we just want to come first.Our parents want us to be the best among all the others so that they
can tell their friends and relatives that my child has got the best grades in all the subjects.They want us to be secure which is good but aren’t we missing
something here?aren’t we missing our soul in all this?I mean if we are not able to enjoy our work then all the money and respect that we will earn is worthless and
unsatisfactory.Our teachers are always in a hurry to complete their syllabus irrespective of knowing whether the students are able to understand the concept or not.
Our parents ask us about our result but they never ask us about our passion because according to them we are “too young” to take our career decisions,i mean
its a great hypocrisy that at one moment we are mature and capable enough to concentrate on our life and the very second moment we are too young to take our life’s
decisions.When i was in 9th class one of my friend prakhar srivastava did suicide because of his parent’s pressure over education,he was a very good guitarist,i
hope that he rests in peace!
The question arises that why are we putting this much pressure on students over education?It was meant for the enhancement of the human mind by understanding the
concepts and not cramming them and maintaining a so called “respectful position”in the society !The reason for all this is that we are so obsessed with the society
we are living in that we are not able to even explore ourselves and show our hidden talents because we just don’t want to take any risk.This obsession with
society will stop only when we will change our priorities that is our priority should be gaining knowledge and the marks will come automatically,it should be exploring
our talents and choosing the career which makes us happy, it might happen that you fail sometimes but in the end you’ll succeed and then you may tell your critics that you were right and they were wrong.
Article By –
Harshit Srivastava,

How to use social media to promote your website | product | services

Social Media is the most popular category of websites and having the highest percentage of audience if compared to other categories. Social media websites are accessed by almost every age group and every country. These websites can be used for the purpose of making friends , sharing information , providing information , speak / write about something or someone , creating polls and getting responses , creating event notifications , presenting something creative to the world made by you or other ( video , images , poetry , articles etc. ).

Some of the most popular names under this category are –

Google Plus
Orkut and many more.
Social media is not limited to computers, As the demand and consumption of smartphones is increasing day by day social media is available in form of mobile application for every platform, whether its a

Windows or any other.
Apps like Whatsapp, Kik , We-Chat, Instagram, snapchat etc are used by billions of user.

Popularity and reach of these apps and websites make them a great platform to advertise your services. Every website has an option where you can provide paid advertisements .

Apart from paid advertisements you can use them to promote your services for free. These websites have option for creating groups , discussion forums, fan pages , polls , event announcements etc. These pages or groups are liked / joined by followers and hence your content , information about your services are also presented to them and if they find the services useful there are options where they can refer them to their connections and this process goes on and hence you have a chance of reaching global audience. It is seen that pages or groups containing some useful information, news , entertainment , jokes etc are liked by many, you can advertise or sponsor these pages and hence reach the audience you are looking for to promote your services .

If you are the admin of a page or group your idea should be to create such content that your user / followers base should be ever expanding. You can provide the social media buttons in your website as well and thesesocial media buttons should be connected to your account / pages on social media. This will let the user like your content on your website and the changes will be reflected in your social media pages as well.

A facebook like button looks like this :

facebook like

You will find this in many websites. This will make sure when the content is liked on a website page the likes will also be in creased on the facebook page and the fanbase of your product / services / page will increase.

You can use twitter handle , youtube link, google plus profile to promote your content as well.

If you create a good video that you think will be useful for the viewers , or you created something unique with great entertainment value you can provide a short description on the videos stating –

this video is brought to you by – your company name


this video is sponsored by – your company name or anything that can state that the video is also a part of your company or service that will indirectly work as a promotion of your products and services.

If you have professional services Linked in can also be used to let people know about your company / services . Linked in has options to create group and people with similar interests will join them and your visitor/fanbase will expand.

How to Promote a business using Link Buiding Method

Link building is a process of providing your website links in other websites so that users can find them and reach you. This helps in increasing the rank of your website (url) and you can reach a variety of audience that can benefit you in monetary terms as well.
We can use following genuine methods as per my knowledge that can be helpful in link building.
1. Create blogs and start writing some content of your interest that you think will impress the visitors. You can provide the link at the bottom of the post where you provide the authors information. For example Mr. XYZ from or in your own way, that totally depends on your creativity. The popularity of your articles will increase if its useful for others or contains some entertainment quotient. The more visitors your articles will get the more popular your link will be.
2. If your friends also own some blog, websites or web pages you can ask them to provide a link of your website and in return link their website in your website or pages. This will help both of you.
3. There is a chance that you might own more than one website or blog. You can provide all the links (your websites or blogs ) in bottom or anywhere you like mentioning something like – Our Associates , Our Partner Websites or anything that might suit your group of websites.
4. You can use social media for link building as well. This will improve your websites rank for sure. For a detailedinformation you can refer to our article –
5. If you have some videos captured by you or you own the copyright to distribute them commercially , you can upload them in the Online Video libraries like Youtube, mention somewhere on the videos that this video is brought to you by your-company or anything you want to mention. In the video description you can provide a link to your webpage as well. As Youtube is a high ranking website your content will also be ranked high amongst the searches.
6. If you have good writing skills, you can write for some articles submission websites as well – websites like Hubpages, Squidoo, Ezinearticles etc can be used for link building process as well. There is an additional option for you to get paid as these websites also let you monetize your content.
7. There are many link submission websites or link directory websites that can be used to submit your links. The links are submitted as per the respective category and users will find you when they need.
8. You can add a subscription link to your website and subscribed users will provide their emails , whenever any articles or anything new is posted on your website they will get a notification. In this way you will be able to get returning visitors for your website.
9. Submit your website to listings like DMOZ and Technocrati, if you haven’t already done that you can do it right now. Its very useful in the link building process and that will help increasing your websites rank. You can submit your blog to rss feeds as well.
10. You can search for Yahoo answers and then search for your niche and write some answers and provide your link as a reference if needed.
11. Search groups and forums on facebook etc and look for your niche and people asking questions , if possible answer most of the questions there itself , you can provide a solution to them by writing the detailed solution with examples and references in your website or blog and you can provide a link in the answers section this will help the users and your website will get a regular visitor.

How to create free websites

Websites are needed to be created for many purposes. Creating a website is a difficult task if you don’t have coding skills. There are many types of websites such as Blogs, Forums, E-Commerce portal, general websites etc. Luckily there are many open source platforms available which can be used to create a website.
If you want to create a website you can use Google Sites to create for you. Google-sites is a free tool to create a website. You can link a purchased domain with Google sites as well.
Another free tool by Google to create a website or a Blog mainly is is a free to use and easy to understand blogging tool which can be used to start posting anything of your choice. You can add pages and other navigation options are also available, If you want you can use blogger to create your website as well. There are some third party tools available that can be used to introduce or embed forums in Blogger – Blog.
WordPress is also an open source platform that can be used to create a blog for free. You don’t need technical or coding skills. Having some knowledge will help you understanding it quickly.
There are some other open source content management systems available that need hosting account and a domain name but are free to create a website, some popular names are –
Oscommerce e tc.
The names that I have provided in this particular list are only some of the popular tools that provide free websites. There are many other names as well and we will keep updating our list time to time.

Fashion – An Introduction

Fashion can be a combination of style, pattern, design used in clothing, footwear, jewellery etc. It is subjected to change in form or style . It is a trend set and followed by people of all types and in all walks of life. It can also be defined as a practice of a popular or latest style practiced by particular groups of people. Fashion is based on the culture as well as the attitudes of the people.
The fashion industry is the product of the modern age.
People often tend to follow some latest trends or designs set by the fashion industry. Thus, in today’s worldfashion industry has emerged to be an important part of the lifestyle of all types of people. Fashion is not only in clothing but also in accessories, footwear, furniture, automobiles, etc. The fashion industry has become an international and highly globalized industry where the ideas or the prototypes are shared globally.
Fashion can also be used as a tool to promote a cause, or stand against any evil. Thus, fashion plays an important part in everyone’s life. Fashion guides us towards maximizing our assets and minimizing our flaws as what we wear creates our first impression.
Article By –
Shruti Srivastava,
Student – Fashion Technology.

How To Earn By Writing Blogs

This article is about blogs and the methods that can be used to monetize a blog. People write blogs for many purposes. Blogs are written to provide some information, blogs are written to let people know your experience with any particular thing or place, blogs can be used to provide notifications, updates any much more. People write blogs as a hobby, blogs can contain some articles or anything what a blogger wants to write and hence when you present these blogs to the visitors it is a chance that you might get some followers and regularvisitors to your posts. These visitors can be from different age group and different niche; their niche might be directly related to the type of posts or the category of posts you are presenting. You have visitors and hence you can contact someone to sponsor your blog posts , you can contact some advertisers directly or you can contact the Advertisement companies like
Adsense ,
chitika, etc .
You can signup on these websites for a publisher account and if approved you will be able to create ad units to display advertisement on your website and everytime a visitor clicks those advertisements you will be able to earn some money. You can contact affiliate advertisement network like amazon etc to sell some products from your website and earn some cash per sale made on the percentage basic. There is a minimum threshold of payment that should be reached in your affiliate or ads publisher account.

How to Use Classifieds listing website as a Matrimonial Website –

Classifieds listing website have a column or section for matrimonial as well. Most of the matrimonial websites are free to create a profile and contact others or sent interest to others but when you want to communicate it is not possible without purchasing some plan. If you want to post a need – For Example – “Looking for a groom who should be a public sector employee and must be aged between 27 and 30 years old…..”
You can provide your email for further communication or even your phone number. Most of the classifieds listing website keep the personal information of the Listings maker hidden as they don’t want spammers to contact them and it is not advised to use your phone number publicly.
Interested people will be able to contact you and you can discuss further details.
Please do not share personal information too easily. You can use general terms to describe about yourself or the person for whom you are looking for a bride or groom.

What Are Classifieds Listing Websites

Meaning of the term classifieds is – a small advertisements placed in a newspaper , magazine etc and all those advertisements should be organized under respective categories.
There are various such categories ,some of them are as follows :
•    For Sale
•    Vehicles
•    Classes / Education
•    Real Estate
•    Matrimonial
•    Recruitment
•    Communities
•    Professional Services etc.
A classified listing website is an online interface where the users place their advertisements in different categories so that other users can browse / find them when they need some service or a product.
Our Website is also a classified listing website where you can post free classified advertisements.
There are many popular websites providing free classified listings services , some names are
1.    Craiglist
2.    Olx
3.    Quikr
4.    Locanto
5.    Adlandpro etc.
Classifieds listing website can be a handful tool to promote your business and services , it can also serve as an interface providing recruitment solutions to the visitors , most of the classified websites have matrimonial sections that can provide solutions to many seeking bride / groom. Small business owners in the field of real estate can use these websites to present their services to a number of customers and get genuine responses. The services are not limited to small business owners under this category , big companies can also promote the properties along with their pictures and prices to chose from.
People with some communities or groups can invite others to join by listing / providing details about their vision / mission / rules / regulations etc. This can help them getting members and making a stronger community or group.
Free Classifieds listing websites are a great platform for professional service providers with small or medium business to promote their services. They can post free advertisements containing their information , the services they are providing and the work they have previously done.
If readers want to add any idea or suggestion they can post in comments.

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