Ramanujan Fellowship Scheme

Young talent needs to be motivated in order to get the best out of them. In India there are many meritorious & talented students who face a lot of difficulties because of financial inequality in the society. This is one of the major reasons behind students migrating to foreign countries for jobs and higher studies.

The Ramanujan Fellowship Scheme has been initiated to enroll the talented and meritorious students so that they can prove their worth in the field of Science efficiently.

With the help of this scheme or programme an opportunity is being facilitated for the scientist and engineers to work in the government sector and those who have already migrated to foreign countries are also being targeted to come back and serve the nation with their contributions to science.

Experts coming under this fellowship are eligible to do their research work in any of Indian Institute and are eligible for getting a research grant as well.

Essential Qualification

A necessary qualification to participate is:

Brilliant Scientists or Engineers

Qualification Details: PHD in Science, Engineering, Master of Science, MTECH, ME, MD in Medicine.

Having an experience as a professor or lecturer that be considered as an added advantage to your application.

Age Limit – Age limit to participate in the fellowship is less than 60 years.

Duration of Fellowship – Duration of 5 years for the selected candidates.

Stipend – Candidates Undergoing the Fellowship program get a stipend of 85,000 Rupees per month. An added help of 7, 00, 00 Rupees is also provided for arranging seminars and conferences.

Mode of Selection – The applicants need to take permissions from any institute. If you are not related to any institute then also you can participate by nominating yourself for the fellowship programme in any institute.

You can View Further Details in the website – http://serb.gov.in/fellowships.php

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